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Friday, July 05, 2013

Will My Chickens Stop Laying in Winter?

Today's Collection of Eggs from the Girls...

EVERY day I collect the eggs. I usually collect them at around 10am and then again at noon and finally at 4pm.

As it's Winter here some people think I shouldn't be getting any eggs at all but my chickens are very much laying because I keep new hens coming through the flock on a regular basis. I usually buy two new girls every month I never run out of eggs because it's not only the days being shorter that stops chickens laying, it's also the time you brought your hens. If they are due to start laying at 16 to 22 weeks and it happens to be Winter they will still lay. Sometimes they may be a bit delayed but generally chickens lay when they are old enough.

Some breeds do stop laying over the Winter months. That's why I chose a mixture. I have  ISA Browns for egg production (they lay an average of over 300 eggs per year!). I have Wyandotte's because they are so pretty. White Leghorns also for egg production and bantams for their good mothering skills.

Today's set of eggs look like a bit of a mix. The smallest egg came in at 43 grams and the largest at 77 grams. The old wrinkly looking larger off-white egg is from one of my oldest Wyandotte chickens.

I often wish I could set up a retirement village concept for my older girls. I hate seeing them get old and with getting old they also start to loose their authority in the pecking order which can sometimes lead to them being harassed by the younger birds trying to take over the reins. It's times like these I'd like a separate pen but it's not practical yet. Time and money permitting that project will happen one day!

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