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Friday, December 02, 2011

Murphy Has Brand New Shoes...


Murphy has taken to wearing shoes!

Now this is not uncommon for horses and like all, ladies, she has decided she wants to get up there in the fashion stakes much to my dismay.

Here I am, a farmer that hardly ever wears jewellery or fancy dress or any of that girly stuff really, and now my dear husband’s horse wants the latest fashion items. 

So, the Farrier came up yesterday and hot shoed Murphy. 

Yeah, she’s not just getting any old set of horse shoes, no Murphy’s getting the very old fashioned and expensive hot shoeing. I can’t really show you what her new shoes look like because they are on the bottom of her feet but I can tell you she’s a much more comfortable horse now than she was yesterday and over the past few weeks. These shoes are very specifically fit for purpose so yes, they are not just a fashion statement after all.

You see horses get sore feet like humans if we don't maintain them.

Murphy split one of her hooves and this caused her considerable pain and the beginnings of what could become a really nasty infection. Imagine sticking a sharp object up your finger nail, ouch! Yep, it feels like that. And, as the old saying goes, 

So, really, it’s not only a fashion thing for Murphy. She really needs these shoes to keep her running around, happy and pain free. The only problem is that hot-shoeing isn’t cheap and it should be done every six to eight weeks at around $100 a pop! That adds up pretty quick. And, sadly the fine art of hot shoeing is a dying trade.

Anyway, as I said I don’t like to wear fancy fashion so I guess I can give up this year’s Christmas present (chances are I'd only loose it in the paddock anyway) and Murphy can run around in her new shoes instead. 

As they say about farmers and their animals; the animals have better quarters than the farmer. There’s some old saying about farmers being, asset rich and cash poor. Well, now our horse has better fashion sense than the farmer too.

Gotta love her though…


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