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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Rain's are here...

The rain is here again, Hooray!

Although the rain is welcome and I do not want to sound like a winging farmer but it does present a whole new set of challenges.

Having experienced drought conditions for over seven years here it’s nice to see the rain but the cattle need special treatment to keep them alive and healthy. The drought might be gone for now but the real battle of keeping cattle in tip-top condition really begins.

We purchased a few multi-blocks today to enrich the cattle with vitamins, minerals, selenium, iron, zinc, salt, cobalt magnesium and the goodies essential for good health in cattle. 

If it’s not one thing it’s another with cattle. Since the rain the good grasses (good grass can be bad) have flourished and the lush clover is scrumptious and irresistible to the cows but deadly in the form that too much is not always a good thing. Bloat, especially in dairy cattle at this time of year is a real danger. 

So, yep we also gave the cattle bloat blocks a month ago in preparation for this coming tricky season.

My Dad always said feed the cattle dry feed in the wet and in the dry and so we do. Pretty much whenever conditions are extreme is a good time to give out hay. It can be expensive so not wasting the feed is also a thing to be careful about. 

Hay is great for cattle. It gives them roughage and when we get a cold snap it also provides warmth to keep their bodies in good condition. 

Already we’ve heard of farmers loosing cattle to bloat and mineral deficiencies so we are taking all the precautions we can.

So, Springtime bring it on! Let good times roll... we hope.

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