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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Utes, Bonfires and Slabs...

Where are those guys from, *Top Gear, when you need them?

I'm sitting in the 'old girl' wondering how my, dh (dear husband), will get to work on Monday, since I bogged the old Hilux Ute in our paddock. 

Seems I picked the boggiest section of the paddock immediately over the top of a Spring.
Now I'm not the first to mention that my, dh, has done this many a time, and I've taken great pleasure in bagging him out big-time-every time. 

But now I've managed to get three wheels under and the axle too. There's no way forward or back without building a road (which is what those sticks are for).

Anyway, in true Aussie fashion I'm NOT going to let this minor problem set me back, so I'm going to set fire to the 3 year old pile of old wood today and whoever can get the Ute out of the paddock wins a slab. 

If I can't get the bonfire alight I'll set fire to the Ute instead. Either way it should be a good night.

It's funny just this week my mechanic gave me some advice. He said, "ASBO". I'll tell you later what that means next post...


SEE: *Series 3, Episode 5 (2003)
Fire, water and dropped caravans all fail to stop our indestructible Toyota Hilux...

Hah! I can show those, Top Gear, guys how it's really done.


skip said...

For a slab, I might come over and help push. Skip

Zak said...

Oh Skipper, you blokes never cease to amaze me. You'll come over 8,000 miles for a slab. That figures.


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