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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Farming Update...

A lot's been going on lately and it's calving time again.

So far we have six live calves on the ground and one had to be pulled this year because it was breach. Unfortunately the cow rejected the calf and even though we tried to save it ourselves, mother knows best and it died overnight. We have five silver calves and one brown colored calf. Sexes are yet to be determined but I know Elle has a bull calf and Teena has the brown heifer. They are so cute running around together. It's fun to watch the little guys bullying with each other and working out who's going to be boss.

We have one lamb born on the hill, a little girl. S'pose I should say ewe. Our Wiltshire Horn sheep live on our neighbors property and we don't see a lot of them except through the binoculars so it's always a treat to visit and feed them. Our neighbor will be buying those sheep from us soon and we will concentrate more on cattle, as the, dh, believes cattle are easier than sheep. I don't do the hard yakka so I am happy to let him make those decisions.

I have a chicken sitting on eleven eggs and due to hatch out in just over a week or so. Last nights storm may have affected her though so I'm about to go check.

Yes, last night the weather turned to heavy thunder, lightning and heavy rain so this morning I'll be out feeding the cows some hay. I'm very nervous around lightning after being hit in 2007. With ruminant animals it's a good thing to give them dry hay when there's a lot of new green grass around and when they have newborns feeding. Our paddocks consist of clover, rye and native grasses along with weeds of course. We have never had any problems with bloat and we don't give out salt blocks or bloat blocks. This year may be an exception because this is the first year out of drought and with my, dh, now working at a produce store means a bit of a discount on products.

It will be interesting inspecting the property today for fallen trees,  water damage and the individual animals to see how they have all coped. Because we are on such steep hills water tends to do a lot more damage than it does on the flats.

Benson, (our dog, white) was a nervous wreck this morning. He hates thunder! Zak, (our other dog, black) loves the thunder and spends his time chasing it around and barking. Thinks it's so much fun and poor old Benson just sits there shaking and whining.

Well, best go check. 

Have a great day!


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