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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Osteosarcoma in dogs ~ Bad News ~ Benson

Benson and silky at front of house
Benson and Silky Smooch (not so friendly)Benson (1)

We had some very bad news this morning about our dog, Benson, and we know Zak, the Writer and Zak, our other dog, will take this badly too.

Benson has Osteosarcoma and we had to make a big, bad and hard decision this morning.

Luckily we have the best Veterinarian in the world looking after, Benson so we feel happy about that.

There were many choices to choose from varying in heart ache, heartbreak and financial cost and we have chosen the one that hurts the dog the least and us the least too. It’s a compromise.

Benson will loose his front leg today and will most likely have to be put to sleep in weeks or months to come. The prognosis for this disease does not sound good.

We love our animals and we always make choices that decide between cash-on-hand and how much pain the animal or the human can bare.

What we are hoping to achieve from this is a happier and contented dog with lots of cuddles and spoiling before the final conclusion.

We don’t know if we’ve made the correct choice but it’s made and we have to live with that, so does Benson.

Osteosarcoma in dogs

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