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Thursday, January 13, 2011

For the Love of Australian Animals...

I posted this article on my writing site and I thought it a good idea to post it here too.

Please feel free to retweet, blog about or spread through Facebook ~ whatever it takes to get the word out...

WRITERS!!! Help Needed Downunder ~ Queensland Flood Victims, writers unite...

By now you may have heard about the huge floods that have devastated much of Oz.

It is heart wrenching and many people are today going back to homes that are seriously damaged by flood waters that is, if their homes are still there at all.

What this means to the people who still have their houses is that they will be going to see what was their homes covered in mud, all types of contaminates, oil (from nearby factories etc), sludge, sewerage and the list goes on and on. Most likely all their furniture and personal possessions will be gone, swept away and dumped either on the banks further down the river or maybe swept out to sea.

If we thought it was hard seeing the floods approaching and it was, the real hardship will actually come in the weeks, months and possibly years to come as it takes time, money and effort to rebuild what was a vibrant and fast growing city back to it's former glory and hopefully make it even better. 

If you are a writer and wish to help (or even if you just stumbled upon this blog) don't feel there is nothing you can do, because you can. At the very least you can write about the situation and comment on blogs and generally spread the word around the world.

Please go to:

          Kate Gordon's Blog and read the article...

If you are concerned about the animals go to:  Queensland RSPCA

If you are concerned about the people and the State as a whole go to: Queensland Government

Most of all just show you care by posting comments and offering charity where you can. Spread the word that parts of Australia needs your help today.

Thank you my dear subscribers, and passers by,


1 comment:

Herefordmaid said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I have had you on my mind since hearing about the floods. Hope all is well with you and wish there was more I could do. I will pass along the word and your links.


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