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Monday, January 03, 2011

Farming has it's little hazards for both me and the bees...

I was stung by a Bee last night while picking peaches.

The bite was under the middle of my foot. I guess it was going to happen and if I'd listen to my gut feeling I'd of known it...
. .

MAJOR CLUES: My dear husband said, "You should be wearing your boots". I was wearing thongs, (flip flops for those living north: NO, I don't wear a g-string in the orchard if that's the visual you got; sorry about that - *shudders*.

Thousands of of bees in our orchard. Great! We have a healthy orchard!

I saw the bees and continued to pull down the bird netting and of course the bees were falling which I found out - OUCH! Thanks to my dear husband for picking out the sting...really thanks.

Moral of this experience: 

1. Listen to your gut feeling.
2. Wear boots or closed shoes in the orchard (duh).
3. Listen to your husband.
4. If you see lots of bees on your orchard fruit - leave them. Come back later or earlier as the case may be.
5. And, again, listen to your GUT FEELING!

One day I might take my own advice...



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