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Monday, April 05, 2010

The First Of This Seasons Calves Have Arrived... Easter Sunday


Well, today we were preparing for the coming Winter. The clocks were turned back one hour last night for the end of daylight saving.

Yesterday we started clearing away all the fallen trees from the roadside boundary fence - 27 fell down this year, what with drought and hot temperatures from the ongoing drought it was a shocker of a year. So, it's out with the chainsaw.

These old trees landed on our front entrance fence this year.

Below is the view of the fallen trees from the roadside. Yes, we have almost five kilometres of dirt road to get to our farm from town.

I was inside clearing away old clothes, books, items of computing -  found a really old Sega game console and games - out of date and not much use to us but maybe for someone, so off to the Salvos (Salvation Army) with those. I managed to fill the boot of the sedan and all the back seat. Just shows how much clutter you can accumulate over ten years. All the stuff not thrown last clean out was thrown this time. I'm getting tougher!

We had an afternoon tea out in the paddock with Zak and Benson- dog, and the cows. On the way back to the house we spotted our first new calf for the Autumn calving season. We haven't gone up to see if it's male or female yet, as we like to let the cow and calf alone for a few days before photo sessions begin. ;)

Looks like it might have been born Friday night - explains why Zak-dog started barking from two 'til five am keeping us awake for most of the night. We were cursing the dog but didn't realise he might have actually been trying to tell us something. Dumb humans...

Photos will be up of the new calf soon.


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Cattle Call Farm said...

Looks like you have your work cut out for you. We are going out with the chainsaw ourselves tomorrow to cut some trees off of our fence so I can turn my heifers out on their summer pasture. I can't wait to see the pics of your calves.


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