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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

And Here's Our Newest Edition...

SHE, sits safely amongst the weeds and believe me, I coudn't get any closer than using the zoom lense because mother was just a nose away guarding over her new precious little girl.

I tried to get a closer shot and check the sex of our new little one, but mother cow pawed the ground whisking up dust and loudly snorting, so I said, "Okay, you win"... and walked tentitively backwards and away from cow and calf.

Notice the newborns ears are pointing backwards at this moment. That is because her mother was starting to panick at my approach and the calf sensing that I may not be a friend and was getting ready to run over to her mother for safety. With my retreat the calf went back to relaxing and all was well again.

Nature truly is amazing.


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Cattle Call Farm said...

Beautiful baby! I know all about that pawing and blowing. I was helping a friend ban one of their calves and went head to head with one of his cows. I knew if I turned she would knock me flat on my butt. We only have a couple older cows that get upset, the rest are all young and I have handled them since they were born, but let a stranger come in the field and the chase is on.
PS>I posted a link to our market on my post about John to show you how calves are selling here in WV.I wish I still had my feeders from last fall, they are selling 30cents higher now. That's the way it goes.


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