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Friday, April 02, 2010

And, here's our baby boy - Storm...


Storm was born on the property in August 2004...

He's our baby boy.

Affectionately Storm is known as
'Storm In A Teacup'.

He's so cuddly...

And he's the Daddy of these guys...


Cattle Call Farm said...

Nice looking calves, Storm should be a proud "BIG" daddy.

Zak said...

Yeah, our little boy (Storm) loves his babies. Gotta say though, he loves their mothers better ;)

Cattle Call Farm said...

Are all of your cattle the same breed? Around here it's mainly Angus(black and red), Charlois, Hereford and "Baldies" Which is where they liked the Hereford but they see $$$$$ in the Angus so they crossed them.Also, I am going to the market this weekend, I will post about how they are selling so we can compare notes. I hope my bull John goes to greener pastures, but sometimes it's hard to tell who bought them because you are assigned a number.

Zak said...

Yes, we have all Murray Greys.

We did start off with Angus and Herefords but we loved the Murray Greys and they became our core breeders. They are docile with great marbling and tenderness.

We have something in common, all the cattle breeders around here love their $$$ ANGUS $$$, yep it's all about the money. The McDonalds franchise have really helped lately with their Angus burders, promotion, etc. You get around $20 more at the market if it's BLACK.

Some still have Herefords and their are people who swear by their Charlois too. Horned cattle are very rare and don't get as much in the market.(Unfavorable due to their dangerous horns).

Generally if we sell cattle at the Livestock Selling Complex in, Wodonga, they go on to be eaten.

Privately sold the cattle have more of a chance to live on.

The prices have finally started to go up here. We use the EYCI (Eastern Young Cattle Indicator) to watch the prices.

Good luck at the market. Hope you get a good price.


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