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Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Year's (Cattle) Drop Have Found Themselves a New Wonderul Home

I haven't been posting because I've been so darn busy organising animals.

The girls and two of the boys have found a new and wonderful home at Bowna.

The amazing lady who purchased the cattle and her daughter came to our farm and individually selected the heifers and steers to suit their new farm on approximately 100 acres.

Selected were eight heifers and two steers.

The cattle were loaded onto the truck and Benson (my dog) whimpered until the cattle truck drove off with the moos. Benson watched the truck go up the dirt road until his friends became a blur further up the hill.

It's very noisy this morning as the mothers moo for their babies.

They started their search at 4am. It's always hard taking the calves (babies) away from their cows (mothers). But, at least this time they have gone to good homes to become breeders rather than T-bone, Scotch or Porterhouse for the table.

Sometimes I consider becomming a Vegetarian just the thought of eating your friends is such a hard thing but then I can't resist a good steak; very sorry to say...


Cattle Call Farm said...

That is the hardest part, taking the babies off. The cows usually bawl(moo)for their babies about three days here and walk every square inch of the property. Then they settle down and things get back to normal.

Huon Murray Greys said...

Yeah, it's sad...

My cows come up to the fence and moo at me, as if to say, "Have you seen my baby? Can you help me find her?" Ohhhh, the guilt.

Then a few days later all's well in the world, and every now and then a moo here or there just in case their still hiding somewhere.

Cows are amazing!


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