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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The song of the Willie Wagtail...

I spotted a Willie Wagtail this morning, another sure sign that Autumn is fast approaching. He or she was a bit camera shy!

One of my favorite birds is the Willie Wagtail.


Because when it sings it sounds like it's saying, "Pretty Pretty Creature" and it brings back memories of my mother and I when I was growing up on our farm in North-East Victoria.

I also love eagles, hawks, crows and magpies. Not to mention ducks, rosellas and the list goes on - let's leave it as I love all birds and animals.See more pictures of the Willie Wagtail here  or get more information about this facinating bird here.

If you want to hear the song of a Willie Wagtail. There is a download available at Amazon called the Willie Wagtail Dance by Mort Hansen.
Interlude - Willie Wagtail (World)Interlude - Willie Wagtail (World)
You can listen to the preview for free on the Bumbliwa picture above. It will take you to the Amazon site - don't forget to bookmark this blog and visit me again!



Anonymous said...

Your post says signs that "Autumn" is coming.Now I'm intrigued, we had that 3 months ago. Then came winter.We are heading into spring here??? Fascinating...

Huon Murray Greys said...

Yes, I find our differences fascinating too. Our Autumn is supposed to start in March officially, but it seems to be coming early this year. February (last month of Summer) is supposed to be our hottest month, but it's not this year. Most unusual year.


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