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Friday, February 19, 2010

Homes are being arranged for the chicken babies...

It's "Ugly Ducking" stage for the most recent chicken arrivals.

They are growing their "real" feathers and the "downy" feathers are disappearing. They will look all scruffy and odd for the next few weeks until their feathers grow properly. It's a hard time being bossed around by all the older chickens and it gets really tough for any chickens that start to look like roosters, more about that below...

Check out Houdini now!

Is he a she or she a he?

It's still a bit it hard to tell. My guess is a "she".

And here's PEPPER (below). He was special because he went to Beechworth to a new home with three of his mates. Two came back because when they grew and it became obvious they were roosters and not hens. Hens lay eggs, roosters don't so Pepper had to come back to the farm.

It's sad, but roosters don't very often get homes, but this weekend PEPPER finds out if he's going to go to new home. We shall find out on Sunday if he can impress the visitors and get himself a new abode.

He'd really like a nice new home because the big bossy rooster (his Dad; see picture below) is picking on him constantly. It's a funny thing about rooster Dad's, they just see their little boys as threats that grow up to be big roosters and they feel they have to prove something...

Here's ROOTY the rooster Dad giving the "girls" (hens) a lecture!
"Now, listen up, I say listen up girls! It's about time..."

more another day...

1 comment:

Kathy aka Herefordmaid said...

Good morning,hope pepper finds a new home. That's the only thing about raising aninmals, you can't keep the guys. I won't name our bull calves, they just get a number tag so I can record their info.I do have a few registerd cattle, and they carry on their namesake.


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