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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cattle Have Crèche (Day Care Centres) Too

This farmer found that if you...Essential Guide to Calving: Giving Your Beef or Dairy Herd a Healthy Start
Sit long enough amongst nature and you will observe more than grazing, burping, farting cows.

Cattle have a nurturing soul similar to elephants and in many cases very similar mannerisms. The slightest nod of the head, swish of a tail or twitch of an ear can signal another cow to stay away, come close or move away.

Cattle too have to organise their day so they can manage to feed, obtain water and feed their young. When they want to go off and feed (which is crucial to a new mother to keep up the milk supply to the young calf) they will often leave their calf in the care of another mother.

You will notice over a period or time that the cattle take it in turns to do this day care task.

After calving it is noticed that one particular bovine (just another name for a moo cow) will favour staying with the calves and especially a newer younger mother will often get lumped with the job of sitting with the calves while the older more experienced cows will graze.


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CM said...

Wow! I thought it was just me. Our minature pony watches the younger calves while the mom's have their day off!


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