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Monday, November 09, 2009

Cows - Farts & Burps

Burping and farting cattle allowed to run loose on the farm!

Picture ©zakgirlsfarm 2009

Do the farts and burps of cattle worldwide really make all that much difference to the greenhouse effect?

What do you believe?

If we plug all cattle at both ends, could we seriously see this making a difference to the world's problems on climate change? Really? Are we serious?

In Stock & land's 6 of November article entitled, “Livestock emission figures grossly exaggerated”, the NSW Farmers Association purport that new research indicates greenhouse gas emissions have been grossly exaggerated. Nah! They woudn't lies to us! Would they? What possible other motive could they have? :)

Rumor has it, that a peer reviewed study shows cattle make up only 3% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions and 56.6% fossil fuel use and other sources sector? Hmm, my math is pretty average so that’s about definitely “more than triple - and the rest!”

Now, that would have me think - perhaps we should be more concerned about how many vehicles we have on the roads and how they are run. Could this be an argument for changing the fuel we use in those vehicles? Nah! That shouldn't be allowed to happen! That would affect too many people and imagine the taxes the country would loose.

Wonder if all this will be forgotten when the next “big political thing” comes along.

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