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Friday, October 30, 2009

Meat Versus Vegetarian Diet Debate goes...

Farming magazines this week reported on the push for the planet to go Vegetarian.

See full article at http://sl.farmonline.com.au/news/nationalrural/agribusiness-and-general/general/stern-says-go-vegetarian-to-save-planet/1661664.aspx?src=enews

This rehashed article created a bit of angst out there today on the comments response board. I don't know who got more pressure from the general public -
  • the author of the influential 2006 report, Lord Nicholas Stern, on the Economics of Climate Change (UK) for the pro-Vegetarian argument as a way to tackle climate change); OR
  • Matt Cawood (excusing the fact that the poster on the comments board got Matt's name incorrect, calling him Mike - I'm sure Matt will be impressed with that one!) suggested Matt take an extended holiday. Matt Cawood writes for the Rural Press group of weekly agricultural newspapers and regularly receives controversial feedback from the general public.
Either way the Vegetarian (fast becomming the alternaive diet) versus the intelligent choice for red meat diet goes on!

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