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Friday, October 16, 2009

ETS - Emissions Trading Scheme - Legislation.

The ETS is beginning to make me a bit nervous.

Not that I can say I understand what it will all mean for our future.

In fact, I've only heard bits & pieces. You know, like, cows and sheep are producing too many farts and burps and somehow that causes global warming or some such, and the end result being we have to pay for that.


It's another tax - of course - the Australian Government had to find a way to make up for the boo! boo! with the GST's introduction. 'Course the only bit I took any notice of was, the FARMERS PAY as usual, bit. My other thought on the matter was, "Is this a way to get Farmers to grow vegies and fruit and make everyone on the globe become Vegetarians?" Are the ETS people "in" with the PETA people?

Oh well, until I can understand more about this whole ETS "thingy", I guess I'll say nothing more on the matter.

* ETS = Emissions trading scheme
* GST = Goods and Services Tax (Australia)

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